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Affordable Quality Pediatric Care

Affordable Quality Pediatric Care

We offer the most compassionate and personal pediatric care in the area. It delights us to see the smiles on our patients’ faces and many of these smiles began as babies and have continued year after year as our patients grow up. In a world of large clinics and medical corporations Dr. Amani’s solo practice is a rare find and he has dedicated his life to his patients. Dr. Amani is also one of those few doctors who are still available to his patients after hours by phone 7 days a week.

Dr. Amani sees many kids who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, his compassion and patience with these children and their parents is phenomenal. Dr. Amani takes a very conservative approach in the process of diagnosing and treating these children and working with not only the parent and child but also the teachers to get the best diagnosis.

Our staff is friendly and welcoming. They too work hard to provide patients and parents with the best possible experience. For our patients diagnosed with autism Dr. Amani is patient and understanding of the needs of both the patient and their families. Our office works with these parents to accommodate their special needs when they visit our office.

We also work closely with Rady Children’s Hospital for all pediatric specialties; any additional special care needed for our patients we will refer to the specialists and continue to work with the specialists to ensure each child is getting the level of care they need.

We accept most insurances and for those who are not insured our office visit rates for well and sick visits are very low. If you want the experience of having your child grow up with the same doctor then Vista Village Pediatrics is the place to be.

what parents say


I love Dr. Amani! And his staff!!! He has been my sons pediatrician since he was born (he turning 9 ) so you can imagine the wonderful relationship we have and will continue to have with him !!! Top of the line care with him could see us with anyone else!

–Alejandra J.

Dr. Amani it’s one of the best pediatrician in North County. Just took my son Braxson for his circumcision and since that day I wanted him to be his doctor as well for all my kids. Very professional and well educated you can tell he has a passion for his job. The staff is very helpful and very friendly. Totally recommend this Dr. for your kids.

–Maritza M

We have great experiences with Dr. Amani and his staff. Dr. Amani has a great bedside manner. Always calm and collect, he is also very proper using the form of respect to address the person as Ms., Mr., Ma’am or Sir. You could ask questions and questions and he will answer all of them (I even listed them down.) There may be times that we do wait 30 or even 1 hour to be seen but it’s not all the time, depends on how busy it can get, but that’s any doctor’s office.

I have called Dr. Amani after hours, took a few hours to get a call back but they do call back (he does has his own family and life.) Even if he is out to the hospital the Nurse Practitioner calls back to answer my questions.

They even take kids that don’t have insurances and only charge $40. Bucks for a checkup. Dr. Amani also does circumcision for boys if the hospitals don’t do them (since it’s considered cosmetic surgery now.)

We have a great experience with this office it works well for our family.

-Crystal R

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