Affordable Quality Pediatric Care

We provide a variety of payment solutions to make our services affordable for nearly all families. When you are making an appointment, please be sure to mention that you are a military member. We offer the best pediatric care in the area for many years and we are proud and very happy to see smiles on children’s and their families’ faces. Our doctor is a Solo practitioner and he is accessible by phone to his patient’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week outside of his regular office hours. He has dedicated his life to his patients. We offer what is truly considered affordable quality pediatric care. It is one of our strongest believes that children are entitled to highest quality of pediatric care and financial situations should not affect the quality of care they can receive. Our doctor works restlessly to assure that each child is being treated with highest quality of care which he feels they deserve to receive. Our professional staff is here to help all patients. We offer a variety of payment solutions which will make it affordable for nearly everybody. Affordable pediatric care is what we offer. In order for us to be able to provide affordable care for our patients, we have several exam rooms with most updated technology.  Our staff members are very nice and ready to help you to get you set up for your appointment. Nearly all insurances are accepted and several payment solutions are offered. We have proven that quality care is affordable and and accessible to nearly all patients. 

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